Stitching time

If only we could stitch up something that made time for us! The Australian Summer is coming to an end and for me it was filled not with sun, surf and sand but with cleaning, packing and more cleaning. And next to no sewing. We sold our house 2 days before Christmas and the endless cleaning while buyers were coming through morphed into endless packing of boxes and then shifting them to storage. Then more cleaning as we moved out and moved in.

Melon in her new monsters coat run up quickly a couple of days ago

Just this week the sewing machine was collected from my Mum's where it'd gone for safe keeping. Why? Not to make hats (still no time!) but to make a dog coat! An instantaneous drop in the temperature prompted a rush to the fabric shop to find something for Melon who was shivering in her thin Summer fur (if you're a bit of a dog person see more of Melon on my Pinterest board, 'Hats & - walking the dog').

So that explains why no blogs and no sewing for a while. I plan to change all that! Look forward to a variety of musings ranging from sewing and textile projects, fabric finds, everyday life and, of course, FishPetals news. Bayside Melbourne forms a significant backdrop to my life so a lot of that is sure to pop up but so too will any travels that I do, or anything else really, that seems a bit interesting to fellow stitchers. Having had several trips around Indonesia & other parts of Asia, and more on the horizon, I'm looking forward to sharing textile pieces I've collected.  Or made into contemporary apparel. While many of the items I find I keep as static museum pieces to love and admire I also adore using handwoven & locally dyed fabrics in my own sewing. You'll see me wearing quite a few clothes I've made from fabrics bought in Balinese mountain villages and markets (go to my website page 'About FishPetals Do Fly' for a look see).

Handwoven Balinese songket fabric used for ceremonial wear.

I made it into a Winter skirt

But back to stitching up time. What would it look like? Maybe a hat, a bit of a springy spiral. The next FishPetals Do Fly pattern could be on the drawing board soon. One final thing - thanks to the lovely ladies Beth & Kristin at Sew Mama Sew - my first post with their fabulous sewing site came out today!


Georgie Munro
Georgie Munro


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