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At the tail end of my last blog I mentioned my first published post in SEW MAMA SEW. For those unfamiliar, SMS is a fabulous sewing website based in the US. It's like a magazine with patterns, tutorials, videos, inspiration, trends, and tips, plus ways to connect with other stitchers around the world. So many topics are covered and everything is archived so you can go back to find just the thing you want. Kristin Link and Beth Wilson are the ladies behind Sew Mama Sew and they've created a site that celebrates and supports sewing in its many different guises.

My post is about starting with an idea and turning it into a business. That journey has been happening for me for the past few years and it's amazing how many new skills I've learned along the way. In fact it's been like doing a whole uni degree all over again! I expected to have to learn drawing software (to create the patterns and illustrations) and also an accounting package, but discovering I had to get a handle on EU tax law was definitely a surprise. All up I've taught myself digital drawing & publishing, video editing, interactive flipbook publishing, how to make interactive PDFs, what aspect ratio is, how to set up a video camera for online publishing, how to perform for the camera (sort of), how to publish to You Tube, what video compression is, how to add music to a video, what an ecommerce platform is and how to use it, what a payment gateway is and how to use it, what a digital delivery service is and how to use it, the difference between megabytes and kilobytes (actually, no, I can't remember that), what bandwidth is, how to resize images, what social media is, what a blog is (still learning about that), what the difference is between a domain name and website, what a name server is and how to point to it/from it (not sure which it is, but something like that - I did work it out at the time and it worked, as the website is up and running). And it goes on and on.

It has been a long, hard slog but a fabulous journey that I've loved being on - all to make fabulous fabric hats.

Here's the link to my SMS post:


Georgie Munro
Georgie Munro


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