I'm taking a break - back in 2018!

Late last year I became an owner builder. I mean an actual builder with hammer in hand. Yes, my husband and I are doing a 'Grand Designs'. January saw the setting out of our new house, February was the concrete pour. The months from then till now had me designing steel works, the kitchen, and then more on steel. I've been ordering materials, filling the car with basins, taps and toilets and watching trucks unload. As well as bouncing over concrete reinforcing, and setting post bases.


Discussing progress with our digger driver back in January & the height of Summer

The melting sun of Summer, when we were running around digging the footings and putting in the reinforcing has given way to Antarctic wind, overcoats and beanies while we measure and cut steel posts and weld on cleats. Things are really hotting up! The wall panels and windows have arrived and are waiting for us to finish the steel frame. FishPetals has had to take a back seat all year and I’ve realised its time to take a proper break.

The sewing machine is not completely packed away though. I’ve been working through a new range for each pattern so there’s something to look forward to sometime in 2018 when FishPetals Do Fly will throw its doors wide open again!

FishPetals Do Fly fabric hat patterns

In the meantime I can always be contacted by email - georgie@fishpetaldofly.com.  I'd love to hear from you!


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Georgie Munro
Georgie Munro


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