Inspiring fabrics to sew a warm & toasty winter hat

Inspiring fabrics to sew a winter hat

When the wind stops blowing and the new season arrives we'll all have a fab excuse to stitch up a new wardrobe and maybe even a hat or two. Here in Melbourne we're heading into Summer but so many of my friends in Northern climes have asked whether my hat patterns are suitable for Winter fabrics. Of course they are! All I'd suggest is to consider making a size bigger, and to trim any interfacing you use and any thick seams.

 There's lots of fabulous Winter fabrics out there these days ranging from a traditional woven wool through to PVC. Here's some ideas to get your creative hat making juices rolling.

 suede fabrics for a warm winter hat

 This first pair of fabrics is two different types of suede. The orange is an upholstery fabric commonly used for furniture like couches and I used a very similar chocolate one to make the faux suede hats below (Songlines & Firecake).  It was a dream to work with!  You could have knocked me over with a feather I was so surprised! The big advantage is that no interfacing is required in the hat crown at all, yet you still end up with a firm crown that's super comfortable to wear. This soft fabric was also a cinch to sew, doesn't fray and wipes clean with water (I've done it on my couch).

The green suede is a regular dressmaking fabric so not as thick but still super soft and toasty warm. As you can see it does fray a bit and if you're after a structured hat it'll need to be interfaced in the usual way. Like the upholstery fabric, it comes in lots of yummy solid colours from brights to more muted Winter shades. I'm about to try it out on Eggshell Cream and can't wait to see how it goes.

 sew suede fabric hats


While Australia's economy no longer relies on the wool  off a sheep's back, we still produce a great product. Unfortunately neither of these next two fabrics are one of the beautiful fine merinos our farmers are famous for but none-the-less they make for a fabulous warm winter hat. The top pink blush one is a boiled wool (I think) and was sold as bunny rug fabric for babies. It's nice and thick, easy to cut and sew, and doesn't fray too much. I'd recommend a thin lining, not the flannelette, I used which made the crown a bit too snug.  As you can see, I made it up into a Smash hat which is perfect to pull down over the ears for a walk out on the cliff tops or anywhere where the wind is howling. The second wool, a loosely woven, slubby fabric, would also make a gorgeous toasty warm hat and matching overcoat! You'll probably want to stabilise a fabric like this if the weave is very loose.

woolen fabric for handmade hat 

I've just finished making a narrow brimmed Bluebottle hat out of this fake crocodile skin PVC fabric (below). How cool is it?!! And so easy to sew. And to cut. No fraying and not heavy either. I did add interfacing to the hat crown to give it a bit of body (and trimmed all the seams back to reduce bulkiness). The brim binding was even made from a strip of the same fabric, stitched on in almost the same way as a regular bias binding, just omitting the second fold on the fashion fabric side of the brim. I think this hat will be water proof in a shower. What a bonus!

 sew a hat with fake crocodile  skin PVC


This second orange (below) is a pinwale cord. Of course cordoroy of any type would make a gorgeous winter hat. This one is earmarked for wide brimmed Firecake hat that I'd wear to a fancy Winter wedding, though I can imagine snuggling down  into a Firecake hat with its brim turned up and made from a super chunky cord or luxurious velvet. I'd love you to email me and show me what hat you've made from your favourite Winter fabric.

cordoroy for fabric hat

(My blogs are STILL a little tardy so I've decided that the rules no longer apply. I'm aiming for either 1 or 2 posts per month but no promises. The house plans are coming along, but like everything on Grand Designs,  it takes longer than you think!)


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Georgie Munro
Georgie Munro


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November 17, 2016

Thankyou Wanda! The crocodile was definitely a good find. Also the upholstery suede (although I’ve realised it won’t work for an Egshell Cream Brim) is fabulous for a firmer Crown and saves having to put interfacing in – I love it!


November 16, 2016

I love them all especially those oranges! That faux crocodile is awesome!!

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