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Woke up to Spring this morning. The Antarctic chill which has been a fast and true feature of the past few months has, at least for a day or two, risen and in its place clear blue skies and sun you can actually feel warming your back. Time marches on, season to season; we're so lucky to live on a planet that gives us this endless rotation, inviting us to see the environment around us anew.


Sewing is not just about cutting out fabric, stitching it up and finishing up with a new dress, or hat, to wear. Although I do love that. Over the years I've seriously tried to analyse what I like about sewing and in the end I think it comes down to the textiles themselves. For some reason I'm drawn to the threads, the lines, their texture, their colour and how they're combined to make a fabric which may have a texture or colour all of its own.

snake & crochet bomb 

Walking along the clifftops this morning with Melon on this glorious Spring day it seemed as though I was surrounded by textiles sprouting from each side of the path. It wasn't that someone had crochet bombed the trees (though I do appreciate that as well), it's just that suddenly I realised so much plant life offers just the same as textiles do - lines, colour and texture.

textiles in nature 

 I guess that shouldn't be surprising as so many textiles originate from plants (cotton, linen, rope, hessian). The long fibres that are crucial to making a textile are apparent even as the plant grows, while a matt of fallen leaves or moss could almost be mistaken for a ready made fabric. So as I was dragged along by Melon sniffing out all the dogs who had been through before her, she was equally dragged the other way when I spied something textile like on the other side of the path. Why not take a walk around your own neighbourhood, camera in hand and see how many 'textiles' you can find?


That's the Black Rock Clock tower up the top of this blog - my destination on my clifftop walk with Melon.


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Georgie Munro
Georgie Munro


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August 19, 2016

Great post! I never thought of textiles like that but it is very true.

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