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Hi, I'm Georgie, FishPetals Do Fly is me & I design, make & write these fabric hat sewing patterns. I love sewing and I love to try new things. My no fuss approach using new products and techniques comes from a determination to shrug off tradition and explore new horizons. My flipbook eTutorials with their videos and interactive features is a new, easier and fun way to complete your next sewing project (I hope you'll try one - they're FREE!!). 

Sewing has been a passion of mine for years and I'd love to share that experience with you and help you along your own sewing journey. I've stitched everything from dinosaur costumes to wedding dresses, and cushion covers to barbie couture (OK that was when I was 8). And now hats. Based in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, we have a Mediterranean climate, which means it’s perfect for hat wearing in Summer (code for hot and dry) and perfect for hat wearing in Winter (cold and miserable).

My first hat pattern was created just a few years ago after losing a hat bought at a market; I decided I might as well make a replacement myself. I don't have a fashion design degree but I do have an architecture design degree so I love creating shapes and exploring different ways of making each and every hat unique. 

If you're wondering where you might wear your own handmade hat why not have a look at my video below to see where I where mine (or visit my Pinterest boards for lots of other inspiration). When you do watch my videos you might notice my wonky fingers. Just when my baby started school and I was planning to dive back into a ‘proper professional career’ scleroderma came my way. It's a rare, life changing autoimmune disease - but I came out of it happy, healthy, and with wonky fingers. Opting to steer away from convention, here I am now, years later, making hat patterns for you!

A hat is a small thing but it can bring big things into your life; the thrill of making something with your own hands, using your own creativity to choose fabrics and trims to sew a hat truly unique, just for you. And doing it all in a weekend. FishPetals Do Fly patterns provide ‘back to basics know how' for the beginner and fast track instructions for the experienced. I hope you like my patterns.



Watch the video FishPetals Do Fly in Melbourne to find out where I wear mine:





Tramstop & Princes Bridge, Melbourne CBD: Songlines hat, yellow, orange & pink dress made C2009.
Hopetoun tearooms, Melbourne CBD: as above
CBD lane cafe, Melbourne:  Pepperberry hat, orange skirt made 2014 from Balinese ceremonial blouse, purchased green T.  

Loop Roof, Melbourne CBD: Eggshell Cream hat, green dress made C2011 from Indonesian batik bought in Jakarta.
Pony Fish Island, Yarra River, Melbourne CBD: Smash hat, burnt orange dress with green trim made 2014 from hand woven Balinese ikat fabric.
Luna Park, St Kilda: Firecake hat, reconstructed green & orange Indian blouse made 2014, orange op (charity) shop skirt.
Brighton Sea Baths Cafe, Brighton: Bluebottle hat, orange & white polka dot blouse made C1986, green skirt made 2013 from vintage fabric.


Now check out my Pinterest boards for other places & occasions to wear your hat!



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