How it works


Learn new techniques & be creative in my virtual hat making workshops. My interactive tutorials are jam packed with helpful hints, clear step by step instructions, and even videos - all to ensure you love sewing your fabric hat!


All FishPetals Do Fly etutorials are FREE! These interactive workshops are full of tips, tricks and step by step instructions. Download one to your computer, tablet or phone today!

FishPetals Do Fly  ePatterns are the actual PDF pattern you'll need to sew a fabulous fabric hat.


You need BOTH the ePattern and the eTutorial to make a hat. Print your PDF patterns as many times as you like and view your flipbook eTutorial wherever you like, they're both on your computer or device for you to use forever. Once downloaded an internet connection is NOT required, except to view the videos.

The FREE eTutorial is available as an instant download whether you want to buy an ePattern or not. Once you see it I think you'll want the ePattern as well! You'll be itching to start stitching!

The PDF pattern is also available to download instantly as soon as you've paid (EU customers - your patterns are emailed manually within 24 hours. Use the time gap to peruse the eTutorial, think about your fabric combinations and plan your quantities - it's all in the eTutorial).

For 'what happens when you place an order' go to FishPetals Do Fly - Customer Service.



The great thing about digital patterns is that you get them straight away, AND you can print them as many times as you like. So if they get wrecked you can start fresh in minutes. While dress patterns can be a bit unwieldy, hat patterns are much smaller so there’s not too much assembling and you can be up and away fast. All you need is a PDF reader like Adobe Reader or Foxit, both of which are available free.


ePatterns: You'll need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit, both of which are available free, but you've probably already got one or the other. And, of course, you'll need to be able to connect to a printer.  

eTutorial flipbook (for  Apple or PC): All you need is Adobe flash plugin 10.0 or above, but you've probably already got it - and an internet connection so you can view the videos. If your computer's on, the flipbook's on, no need to do anything, simply open the flipbook and enjoy (if you're taking a break from the internet, don't worry the flipbook still runs, you just won't have access to the videos). You need to choose the flipbook version that suits your system (Apple or PC). The flipbook runs only on laptops, desktops or PC tablets (not iOS or Android tablets).

eTutorial interactive PDF (for anything): This is offered so you can view the eTutorial on an iOS/Android tablet but it can also be used on any device that opens PDFs. It's almost, but not quite, the same as the flipbook versions. Why not get both! You'll need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit, both of which are available free, and to access the videos you'll need an internet connection.


You will always get 3 sizes in every FishPetals Do Fly PDF pattern. If you’ve already made up one of my hats and have chosen another do check the size info on your next pattern. Design features of the hat mean that your size can change! Checking your size is also really important to consider if you’re MIXING & MATCHING a Brim from one hat and a Crown from another.


Many of my hat patterns (but not all!) are designed to be MIX & MATCH, that is, the Brim from one hat will fit the Hat Crown of another in the same size.   If a pattern is MIX AND MATCH it can be put together with any other pattern with the same coloured MIX & MATCH symbol. All you need to do is choose the same size in each pattern.






There are 3 Fishpetals Do Fly challenge levels, so whether you're a sewing newbie or know a machine like the back of your hand you'll find a hat pattern to suit.  

One fish patterns are easy and perfect for everyone, including beginners.  

Two fish patterns are also pretty simple but it will help if you've made at least one of my patterns before.  

Three fish patterns offer the greatest challenge but you'll still find lots of detailed instructions to help you along the way.