Welcome to the eTutorial. It's free!

The eTutorial is an interactive sewing workshop on constructing the hat you'll be dying to make. (You do need the ePattern as well to actually make the hat.) If you’re new to sewing you’ll get tons of extra help to make stitching a breeze but if you’ve been sewing for yonks you won’t be held back by unnecessary detail. The interactive features mean you can click if you want extra advice or skip ahead if you don’t. So, whether you’re new to sewing, or an old hand you’ll find making your own fabric hats fun, fulfilling and fast.



Features of the flipbook eTutorial

  • Step by step instructions including fabric quantities and supplies

  • clear diagrams

  • videos

  • more info (extra help) pop outs

  • picture galleries

  • print any page

 As you dive into the eTutorial you’ll find info to help you shop for what you need, plan your layouts, select the right size, and design and make a hat that’s uniquely your own. There are galleries to inspire your current and next hat making adventure, clear step by step instructions, detailed diagrams, extra info, and videos on technique and products. Coming up the rear you’ll find support chapters that show you how to mix and match Brims and Crowns, how to build your skills through my FishPetals Challenge levels, and develop knowledge and understanding with my hat making Terminology and sewing Glossary.



How to use the flipbook eTutorial

The flipbook eTutorial and all these features will run straight away on a laptop or desktop computer (Apple or PC) or PC tablet.

There's also an  interactive PDF version of the eTutorial that run's on anything (including an iOS/Android tablet - sorry the flipbook versions are incompatible with these mobile devices).

You're welcome to choose both the flipbook and the PDF!

Once you’ve got your flipbook downloaded simply sweep your cursor/finger across the top of the screen, click on the navigation tools across the top, or down the left hand side of the screen to learn about the features of this digital product. The question mark (?) symbol annotates all the features so you’ll know exactly what everything does. You’re able to:

  • flip pages over;
  • zoom in and out of a page;
  • save any page as a PDF to your computer;
  • print any page;
  • skip to a page using hyperlinks;
  • view videos (internet connection required);
  • pop out windows to get extra info;
  • add your own bookmark;
  • add your own notes.

Please check system requirements and FAQs for more info.

Why is the eTutorial free?

Just so you'll be itching to make your own fabric hat and want to buy the ePattern that goes with it. It's as simple as that!